The Use of iPods by Students with Learning Disabilities

Manufacturers all over the world have taken part in creating machines (or gadgets) that will revolutionize the education of children with learning disabilities.

Post by SEN Team | march 14th, 2013
Computers like laptops and desktops are a common sight in classrooms nowadays and children are being taught using various computer programs. However, special education schools are now starting to see the effectiveness of using iPods as part of educational tools.

IPods contain so many programs that can interest special education students. This can help special education students learn music as well as art and games that will stimulate their reflexes.

The iPod touch can now be used to store thousands of songs, games, photos and contact information as well as bookmarks and calendars. Children with special needs can easily browse data. Teachers can use this for entertainment purposes and they can easily grab the attention of children due to the games that are present inside that can be used creatively to teach students.

iPods for Tests

Students with learning disabilities can find help when taking their tests using an iPod. The colorful interface would make the test less stressful. The students can touch the iPod screen and see the text and they can also listen to the test questions using earphones. They do not have to face the task on a manual level. They can find help.

The technology of the iPod allows the children to have their own pace of learning and hitting the button. They can also repeat the questions if they were not able to catch the first one and teachers can use and create special tests using iPods to make the classroom set up easier.

Students with disabilities can feel normal because they can take the test together with their peers, they do not have to be separated from them and they can easily use the device in order to increase their learning  capacity. They can regain their self-esteem as well as their self-confidence in the school.

A lot of schools are now allowing the use of iPods as a learning tool. They can also use this during standardized testing. In the state of Iowa, teachers are now using the idea of iPods as a form of assistive technology as a way to improve their fluency in reading and speaking skills.

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simerjeet kaur
comment by:
may 10th, 2013
I just want to know Is CBSE allowed use of computers to the students with disability for their boards exams?

Katherine Billie
comment by:
march 10th, 2014
This information about using ipod is interesting, I am wondering if anyone knows a company out there who would be willing to donate a Ipod to a special need child who is in 5th grade. Her name is Natolie and lives northern Navajo Indian Reservation. Please email me.

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